Deflect for Showoff

It was the first year of Showoff, but already its potential as a local Nuit Blanch is recognized. Numerous designers and store owners paired up to create new and exciting art works that are meant to inspire and  draw in buyers and spectators. Studio 1:1 was honoured to participate in this new local venture. We are presenting an installation that is alive and interrelated with the surrounding urban environment.  




The Russian Villa 2011

A year ago our Russian clients asked us to design the interior of their new built house. It was a difficult task given the distance between our countries and, the most challenging of all, difference in styles.  In provincial Russia the style that we consider modern, contemporary or minimalist is very often dismissed for its coldness, dysfunctional cleanliness and simplicity. Therefore, we were to design something we had never designed before… a house in an innocent style of French Provence.

© 2011 Sebastein Roy


The White Room for Montreal Festival of Fashion and Design

The White Room is a container which houses a grid of found old TV sets and is meant to act as a portal into another world. This world is saturated with endless technological images of static that transforms the physical environment. The static is formed into an unbreakable and inaccessible surface which in turn threatens the human body. The coldness of the spaces, its lifeless life is a mockery on contemporary technological dependence and unquestionable acceptance. The installation also questions our perception of architectural environment as a space formed by physical boundaries













































The Buddhist Kitchen

A modern kitchen is not only a center of a house, but also a cultural reflection of personal tastes, habits and heritage. The Lin’s kitchen project set an extra challenge for designers because of client’s traditional background. Both of the owners are Chinese Buddhists with excellent cooking techniques, which they frequently practice by cooking grand Chinese feasts. The main objective of the project was to design a comfortable and convenient space, but also prepare the kitchen for future cultural introductions (such as Buddha statues, candles and Feng Shui artifacts). Hence, the warm ensemble of bamboo counters was introduced to complement the coldness of the Caesarstone and darkness of the cabinets which created an Oriental backdrop. Even thought the Buddhist Kitchen was created as a bold and minimalist design, it was also conceived as a flexible environment with enough room for the client’s interpretation.



The Boogie Chandelier #2

We continue to work on our optical fibre fixture series. The Boogie Light # 2 utilized the same principles as our first creation, yet it pushes the boundaries of a light as sculpture.  The infinite loops of glowing cables make this creation a one of a kind feature light by night and a work of art at daytime. Needless to say, The Boogie Chandelier challenges the old fashioned notion of a crystal chandelier…  


The Artist Project 2011

De-spaced was up and running for a second time this year along Installation Alley at the Artist Project 2011 in Toronto.

If you didn't get a chance to see the installation, there are some videos below you can view.

Please visit the link located in the Come Up To My Room 2011 project description to access Okeanos, the App we were so lucky to come by and use for this project.




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